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Chile: Photographs taken by young Diaspora Greeks featured on the 2012 SAE Central and South America Region Calendar

A middle-aged man wearing a traditional Greek Tsolia uniform, a gnarled hand with silver komboloi beads counting the suffering and troubles, away from the homeland, a sour cherry spoon sweet on an ornate glass plate next to a silver spoon, from the dowry that mother prepared, as they did back in Greece…

The above are only a few of the images featured on the 2012 SAE Central and South America Region Calendar. The selected photographs were awarded at the first photography competition organized by the Region’s Youth Network, within the context of its efforts to strengthen the ties with the homeland, but also highlight the presence of the Greek element in the life of host countries.

The response from second, third and even fourth generation young Greeks was overwhelming; from Argentina, to Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, and Chile.

The first prize was presented to Augoustina Maniki from Buenos Ayres, who chose to capture a Greek man through her lens wearing the traditional Greek Tsolia uniform at the parade in May 2011, in the capital of Argentina. “The piercing gaze fills the image with meaning, emotions and humanity”, says young photographer Augustina.

The Church of Archangel Michael, at the Greek Community of “Socrates” in Buenos Ayres is also featured among the selected photos.

“This photo bears particular importance for me”, states Alexis Spyrakis, “as it brings the memory of my grandfather Demetrios. Through the donation he made, with such love and labor, he contributed so that today Greeks and Philhellenes can still have a place of prayer and keep their faith intact”.

Naturally, Acropolis couldn’t be missing from the photographs, “embracing” a team of young Diaspora Greeks, captured by David Gonzales from Mexico.

Theoharis Deligiannis’ photo inspires optimism for Hellenism’s future in the distant Latin America. His entry presented three Greek children wearing traditional Greek uniforms participating at the celebrations of the Greek Community of Santiago for October 28th.

Caption: “Nostalgia” by Mariangela Belonakis, Uruguay
Source: ANA- MPA

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