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Hellenes Abroad / Greece

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Huffington Post negotiating the prospect of online editions in Germany, Brazil and Japan

Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, stated that negotiations on creating online editions of the newspaper in Germany, Brazil and Japan have already started, while there is also interest in attracting users from the Arab world too.

The “progressive” website has launched editions in the United Kingdom, English-speaking Canada, and now in Quebec, under the auspices of AOL that purchased the digital platform last year for 300 million dollars.

Huffington Post’s strategy in foreign markets, in which the AOL Group is established, is to create websites in cooperation with nationwide media, such as its French edition with Le Monde newspaper and its future Spanish edition with El Pais newspaper.
They have also signed an agreement with Italian media group L’Espresso, publisher of La Repubblica, and are also planning to start an edition in Greece, birthplace of the newspaper’s founder, Arianna Huffington.

“We want to be present in many other countries… We are currently in discussions with Germany, Brazil and Japan. We make agreements when we find the best possible partner”, stated Ms. Huffington in a round-table discussion with journalists in Montreal, on occasion of the launch of “Ηuffington Post Quebec”.

Source: ANAMPA

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Hellenes Abroad / Greece

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