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Lecture by Eleni Glykatzi Arhweiller on human values at Eugenides Foundation

Eminent academic, Eleni Glykatzi – Arhweiller, addressing an event yesterday evening, organized by the Society of Volunteers Against Cancer AGALIAZO at Eugenides Foundation, spoke on human values and social contribution through time.

“You cannot speak of human values, unless you speak of volunteering”, noted Eleni Glykatzi – Arhweiller among other things, elaborating on the meaning of solidarity, and the importance of role models. “At this point, if the Greek, European and global society are suffering from one thing, it is the lack of exemplary figures. And as Voltaire wrote exemplary people, are those working for the best of humanity”, she added.

The speaker also posed the question, on whether there is a moral universal value, subsequently responding “Whoever speaks of a universal value, speaks of a lie, as is whoever speaks of humanity, because you cannot speak of a unity, being the same from one end of the world to the other. The only real existing universal value, is of course humanity. Humanity, meaning solidarity and care for the fellow human, is the manifestation of every virtue. And the only definition of this universal value is to consume without depriving others, therefore, all the cultural, educational and scientific goods, Democracy, sharing with others, co-existence, are universal, and not material goods”.

In conclusion, the speaker noted that the five things we should teach youth in order to “stand up” and prevent them from “kneeling” in their life is to master their native language, so as to know “their history, the roots and magnificence of those that preceded”, to become proficient in a foreign language, because “only then they will be able to respect their fellow human, to learn the code of technology, in order to become integrated people in today’s society, to learn the code of arts, that allows the elevation of your soul”, and lastly, “to learn to respect their own body” and treat it like their home.

Mrs. Glykatzi – Arhweiller was introduced by the President of Eugenides Foundation, Leonidas Demetriadis – Eugenides, and the President of AGALIAZO, Olympia Chaldaiou – Bitrou.

Source: ANA- MPA

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Hellenes Abroad / Greece

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