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Greek Filmmaker Costis Mitsotakis from Sodeto, Spain, speaks on his «misfortune»

Filmmaker Costis Mitsotakis, may not have bought a lottery ticket, but “helped” Sodeto, a small village in Spain, win the amount of 115 million Euros.

“I feel like I won too. What happened in my village is a good theme for an interesting documentary. And it happened right next to me. I have already started gathering material.”

Costis Mitsotakis, is the only resident of Sodeto village who had no share in the New Year’s lottery prize. As for the rest of the residents, approximately 70 households comprised of mainly farmers, no longer have to worry about debts, this year’s sever drought and Spains economic downturn.

After Spain’s New Year’s lottery draw known as “The Fat one” (El Gordo), they witnessed their deposits multiplying. Every household and home in Sodeto village possessed at least one of the “golden” lottery tickets. Some won millions, while the least fortunate won 100.000 Euros.

The only resident who did not purchase a lottery ticket is the 42-year old Greek filmmaker, who has been living in the rural village of northern Spain, over the last 8 years.

Nevertheless, Costis Mitsotakis does not feel unlucky. “I feel very fortunate in life in general, he told “Ethnos” newspaper. “I would feel unlucky if I had purchased a lottery ticket and lost. Now, how am I supposed to win, since I hadn’t bought a ticket”. As he explained, he lives just outside the village, in a barn that he is renovating. The lottery tickets were sold in the village, as every year, by the local women’s cooperative. The women just did not pass by his home to sell him a lottery ticket, says Mr. Mitsotakis.

“I think it is reasonable. I wouldn’t pass by it myself. The house is almost in the middle of nowhere”, he says. They probably forgot about him, since the farmhouse is 1 kilometer away from Sodeto village, says Mayor Rosa Pons. Profits from the lottery tickets sold by women in Sodeto and 17 other nearby villages, amount over 115 million Euros. Does Mitsotakis feel ignored by luck? No he doesn’t see it that way, in fact he even continues to believe in it.

“I participated in the local’s joy too”, he stated, adding that it is a good thing the lottery money “found” a small village that is in real need of it. And although things did not go as he initially planned, he did not regret moving from Athens to Sodeto village either. 8 years ago, he moved to Sodeto because of his love for a woman. They are no longer together today, but “we are very good friends”, he says. He is a freelance professional and states that his job has also been affected by the crisis, but now he captures through his lens, the one thing everyone is talking about the so-called “Sodeto phenomenon”.

Source: ETHNOS

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Hellenes Abroad / Greece

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