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Measures for integrating immigrants

Specific measures on the integration of immigrants were presented yesterday during the summit convened by the Chancellery. The implementation of the “action plan” of the Berlin government, will involve, apart from the central German government, federal states and municipalities.

Among the most significant measures decided are the following:

Advancement of children and young immigrants, particularly in the areas of language development, including their native language and vocational rehabilitation
Unhindered recognition of foreign vocational training qualification titles and A further increase on the recruitment of immigrants in public services of the country

The objective of the integration policy, included in the “action plan” is equal participation of immigrants in all aspects of social and at all levels of political life of Germany, underlined Maria Bohmer, Federal Government Commissioner for Integration.

At the same press conference, Chancellor Angela Merkel, praising the work of state bodies and immigrant organizations, within the context of the “national integration plan” over the past months, resulting in the “action plan” published yesterday, she stated “The action plan makes integration policy more binding and measurable”

Participations in implementation of the action plan, as in the preparation phase, come from the most significant immigrant organizations, among which the Federation of Greek Communities, represented by Costas Demetriou in the summit. Addressing the Press, Mr. Demetriou characterized this plan as “Germany’s most serious effort towards the isopolity and isonomy of immigrants”

Source: OEK

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Hellenes Abroad / Greece

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