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Hellenes Abroad / Greece

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Not one, but two major exhibitions will be presented in the U.S. in 2013-2014, since 564 artifacts from the world of Ancient Greece will be travelling along the 300 byzantine masterpieces from Greek collections.

Following yesterdays approval on behalf of the Central Archaeological Council, the exhibition titled “The Greeks. From Agamemnon to Alexander the Great” will be presented at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the National Geographic Society Museum in Washington and two other museums in the United States.

The exhibition, prepared by the General Directorate of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in collaboration with the National Geographic Society (which has undertaken the organizational costs), will run from early April 2013 until October 2014. The central theme of the exhibition will be the “Greeks” as figures, from the anonymous eminent fallen, to the mythological Agamemnon and high profile aristocrat, to the “prominent men” of spirit (Plato and Aristotle), and historical events (Philip and Alexander). Time-wise, the exhibition will cover eras and periods from the Stone Age (6000 BC) to the Hellenistic Period (2nd century BC).

U.S. visitors will be acquainted with the ancient Greek culture through works depicting men, and exhibits of tombs. The objects will come from Greek museums and recent excavations of the Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities Ephorates.

The exhibition will be divided into 9 parts, starting from “Prelude; Man in the Prehistoric Aegean”, to “Agamemnon, and the world of Myceneans”, succeeded by “Heroes and Aristocracy” of Homer and the Macedonians.

Thematic areas “Athletes and Olympic Games”, “Kouri and Korae”, “Leonidas, the King of Sparta”, “Athenians and Democracy”, “Philip II and Alexander the Great”, will be accompanied by several relevant exhibits. And lastly, “The Dawn of a New World”, will present the new era of kingdoms, successors of Alexander the Great, through Hellenistic figurines from the Archaeological Museums of Pella Veroia.

Source: Express.gr

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Hellenes Abroad / Greece

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