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Hellenes Abroad / Greece

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3D screenings of Acropolis monuments at the Acropolis Museum

The much photographed and videotaped monuments of Athens’ Acropolis never cease to amaze visitors with their perfection and beauty, but how many people are aware of the “secrets” behind the unique Parthenon, the magnificent Propylaea or the temples of the Erechtheion and Athena Nike?

As of this coming weekend, February 4-5, the monuments of the rock will be revealed to visitors at the Acropolis Museum through three-dimensional projections.

Every Saturday and Sunday a 10-minute film titled “The Acropolis in Antiquity”, produced under the supervision of the Acropolis monuments preservation service, will be screened in the museum’s first-floor virtual reality hall.

The film will present the Acropolis’ unique monuments in three dimensions, while also providing useful information to help visitors understand these architectural sculptures.

There will be two projections daily on the weekends, at 11am in English and at noon in Greek.

For groups over 10 persons, reservations are required by phone, by calling the museum at 210-900-0903 (Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm).

The 3D screenings are part of the new, enhanced “A Day at the Acropolis Museum” programme.

Source: ANAMPA

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Hellenes Abroad / Greece

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