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The key issue regarding the taxation of Greeks abroad, and the impact of the new tax bill for our Diaspora, were the focus of the meeting of SAE Secretary Dr. Olga Sarantopoulos with Alternate Minister of Finance Mr. Pantelis Economou.

The leadership of the Ministry immediately responded to an intervention of the Secretary of the World Council, in her 18/10/2011 letter addressed to the Minister of Finance Mr. Evangelos Venizelos, in which she set forth several requests on behalf of the Greek Diaspora on tax related issues, under the Advisory and Recommendatory role of SAE.

During the meeting held at the Hellenic Ministry of Finance, in the presence of the Alternate Minister’s advisors, Mr. C. Karberis and Mr. D. Economou, the topics of discussion were the issues raised by Ms. Sarantopoulos, while the possibility of more favorable tax arrangements for Greeks abroad was also examined. The Secretary of SAE also raised the issue of equal tax treatment for overseas Greeks, and their fair treatment by the national center, highlighting their long-term contribution to the homeland.

Moreover, within the context of the meeting, the prospect for the establishment of an honest communication channel with Diaspora Greeks was also discussed, in addition to the possibility for closer cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, on the basis of know-how exchange.

The Secretary of SAE underlined that it is essential that Diaspora Greeks receive more favorable treatment by the Greek State. She also stressed that a more efficient employment of the vast potential of the Diaspora, established on the right basis, will produce multiple benefits for the future of Greece.

Lastly, it was decided to have further consultation before the passage of the new Tax Bill promoted by the Greek Government.

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Press Releases