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January 6, 2012, WASHINGTON, DC – The extraordinary but forgotten story of Oxi Day was picked up in China following the First Annual Washington Oxi Day Foundation Celebration October 27-28, 2011.

Supporters of the Washington Oxi Day Foundation, who made possible this celebration and other Foundation activities, are helping to make the term “OXI!” synonymous with courageous actions to defend democracy and freedom.

Citing Greece’s Oxi Day spirit, a Chinese foundation for democracy proclaimed that those who stand up for democracy and freedom:

“despite harassment and suppression…imprisonment and even sacrifice of precious lives…say ‘NO’ to the authority and dictatorship…they do not sell themselves, do not compromise, and do not bow to the dictatorship – because this is their only way of life, a noble way of life.”

The Wei Jingsheng Foundation featured the Oxi Day story (below) in announcing the recipient of its annual award recognizing an individual who contributed to the Chinese democracy movement.

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