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Greek community of Chile mourns the loss of Miguel Politis

The loss of Miguel Politis, from Coquimbo Chile, “Michalis”, as he was called by his friend, is being mourned by the Greek community of the Latin American country.

“Michalis was, and will remain a role model for all our community members, as he showed great interest in dealing with the Hellenic culture in depth and become its ambassador”, mentions among others an announcement by SAE, Central and Latin America Region, of which Miguel Politis was an associate. Moreover, the book on the Greeks of Chile, published by the Region, is greatly owing to the information and research conducted by Don Miguel. “His collaboration with SAE was of meaningful in many ways for the Hellenism of Latin America, particularly on Youth issues”.

Moving from theory to practice, Miguel Politis dealt with the coordination of Greeks who settled in the hospitable Chile and their descendants, first in his birthplace Antofagasta and then in Coquimbo. He was President of the Federation of Greek Communities in Chile, while as a member of the famous Universidad Catolica del Norte, where he studied 50 years ago, he offered significant services in the cultural matters of Chile.

“We are confident that the seeds sown so generously, by our beloved associate and friend, will bear fruits and this will be the best way to honor his memory”, concluded the announcement.

Source: ANAMPA

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