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«The dawning of 2012 accentuates collective effort and vision.» – by S.A.E. U.S.A. Region Coordinator, Theodore G. Spyropoulos

The year that passed was, perhaps, the most difficult one in several decades for our country and for the international community. Most of the world, and Greece among them, suffered from multifaceted social, economic and political problems. In the climate of social inequality, insecurity and fear which already dominated emerged, simultaneously a spontaneous collective movement for social change on a worldwide level.

The dawn of 2012 demands collective effort, vision and optimism. Painful experiences often produce positive lessons that can help us correct the mistakes of the past.

The country of our common heritage, Greece, is experiencing the “labor pains” of a new reality, a new global cultural trend as the present one disintegrates away. In the shaping of this new reality, the Greeks of the Diaspora are expected, as we have always done in the past, to collaborate with all our power for the foundation of a humane society of justice. We can draw strength and inspiration from our national self-awareness.

In the current challenging, Greek and international, environment let us not forget that the price of social change is borne by a large part of our fellow human beings. In the spirit of the Christmas holidays, may sympathy, community, charity, altruism and optimism prevail in all our Diaspora events.

Let the words of the Tibetan Buddhist religious leader Dalai Lama motivate us: “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”

With thoughts of our compatriots in particular, and, indeed, of all fellow human beings who are in need, I wish from the bottom of my heart, that the New Year will be one of joy, prosperity and peace to all humanity!

Happy Holidays to All!
Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

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