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Ivan Savvides and Zurab Tserteli receive Guiseppe Sciacca International Prize at the Vatican
Vatican City14.11.2011

The leader of Hellenism in Russia, President of the International Confederation of Pontian Greeks and Member of the Russian Federation State Duma, Ivan Savvides and the President of the Russian Fine Arts Academy, Zurab Tserteli, were the main guests of honor at the Guiseppe Sciacca International Prize ceremony.

The ceremony, held on Saturday, November 12, at the Vatican City, was attended by Cardinals of the Catholic Church, the political and military leadership of Italy, MEPs, and former Foreign Minister of Russia, Igor Ivanov.

Ivan Savvides received the special grand prize for his humanitarian and social involvement, but also for his contribution to the development of intercultural relations.

Zurab Tserteli was honored for his remarkable contribution to the development of Fine Arts.

The only Greek member of the Prize Committee, Professor of Communications, Vicky Bafataki, referred to the major contribution of Ivan Savvides.

Mr. Savvides, addressing the Prize Committee and attendees, extended his gratitude for the honor, stressing that “the main issue today, at a time when people become increasingly aggressive, in a material society, is that all of us should help develop the human quality of life.”

It is noted, that Ivan Savvides’ award, is a great honor for Hellenism. Mr. Savvides was accompanied by the Director of Thessaloniki War Museum, General Ioannis Kontis and his associates Lyudmila Borodin and Thrassos Eftychides.

Source: Black Sea News

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