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Kalamaria Municipality seeking to renovate “Kyvernion” building into a cultural center and center of worldwide Hellenism

Kalamaria Municipality aims to transform “Kyvernion” (Government House) in Thessaloniki into a cultural center, and a center of worldwide Hellenism.
In an effort to restore the glory of the past, in a building that hosted kings, prime ministers and eminent political figures, responsible parties are already taking necessary actions so that the building will be assigned to the Municipality of Kalamaria.

As Theodosis Bakoglidis, Kalamaria Mayor, mentioned to ANAMPA, “Kyvernion”, which over the recent year has remained abandoned and derelict, can be renovated into a center for worldwide Hellenism and at the same time become a venue for significant cultural and artistic events in Thessaloniki, by taking the appropriate steps.

According to Mr. Bakoglidis, the building belongs to the Public Estate Service, which was granted to the Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace, and when the ministry was abolished the building was placed under the responsibility of the General Secretariat of Macedonia and Thrace. “In a recent contact we had with them, they told us that they do not need it, and cannot maintain it”, stated Mr. Bakoglidis.

For this reason, the Mayor has already submitted official letters to the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Finance, requesting to grant the Kyvernion building premises to the Municipality of Kalamaria. Soon a meeting will be sought with the competent ministers to resolve the issue. At the same, they have come into contact with the administration of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE), so that the building can be transformed into a “house” of Diaspora Hellenism.

“We are at a stage of claiming Kyvernion, which has been abandoned over the recent years, and is in danger of falling apart. We can undertake repairs and maintenance work, making the most of European programs too.

Furthermore, we wish for this unique place to be open, not only to the residents of Kalamaria, but also for the entire city, and we have the support of mayors from the entire area”, concluded Mr. Bakoglidis.

The history of Kyvernion (Government House)

Kyvernion is a imposing building, located at Cape Mikro Karabounro or Mikro Emvolo at Thermaikos Gulf, which was built in Thessaloniki for the royal family. It was built in a 1.200 sq. m area, during the reconstruction period (1955-1960), based on the designs of architect Christopoulos. It is located in an excellent spot, where someone can gaze at the entire city.

In 1963, by decision of the Ministry of Finance, the building was allocated as a place of residence for king Constantine at the time. However, the former king of Greece only stayed for one night at the premises, and in 1968 the ministry withdrew the decision.

It is a two-storey building with a basement, symmetrically structured, a typical example of the “palatial” neoclassical architecture, with a covered entrance and colonnade comprised of Ionic columns, across the south side of the building. Kyvernion was shut to be renovated in 2006.

Source: ANAMPA

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