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«Phidippides Award» presented to SAE USA Region Coordinator, Theodore Spyropoulos
New York07.11.2011

The “Phidippides Award” was presented by Hellenic Public Radio Cosmos FM of New York to SAE USA Region Coordinator and businessman from Chicago, Theodore Spyropoulos.

On behalf of Cosmos FM, member of the Board of Directors, Manolis Velivassakis, spoke about the “long, national, charitable and social contribution” of the honoree. “The “Phidippides Award” is presented to individuals who contribute to the dissemination and preservation of Hellenism internationally. Theodore Spyropoulos is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding figures of Hellenism, and his course coincides with the history of the organized Diaspora”, stressed Mr. Velivassakis, noting that “since the 70’s he effortlessly continues his constant contribution to our national affairs, Greek-language education and several Diaspora issues, and at the same time developing significant environmental action in Greece, while through his charitable activities, he has helped many of our compatriots”.

On “Cosmos FM”, Mr. Velivassakis mentioned that it contributes to the objective updating of the Greek – American community and “constitutes an oasis in the world of Mass Media, as without cheap gimmicks, an agenda and advertisements, it presents facts and developments in validity and integrity”.

Mr. Spyropoulos, accepting the honor, stressed, among other things, that “the crisis in Greece is a reflection of a broader crisis of institutions and socio-economic structures that do not serve the human. Greece is experiencing the sufferings of the birth of a new reality, in the formation of which, we, as Greeks abroad have a duty to contribute on the basis of the common good”.

The presentation of the award was held during the annual dance of the radio station, attended, among others, by the Consul General of Greece, Aghi Balta, and Consul General of Cyprus, Koula Sofianou, state and local officials, and several Greek American businessmen and members of Diaspora bodies.

“Cosmos FM” has been running for 24 consecutive years, for a few hours on weekends and an hour daily, promoting its bilingual programs from the New York City radio station.

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