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Australia: Greeks donate 100.000 dollars in support of flood victims

Australian Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd, was moved by a visit from a Greek – Australian delegation that handed him a 100.000 dollar check in support of those affected by the heavy floods in Queensland earlier this year. On his part, Mr. Rudd did not conceal his emotion and kind words on the Hellenism of Australia.

The amount was raised through various events and initiatives by the Hellenic Emergency Relief Fund, established by SAE Oceania, and operating under its auspices.

The Chairman of the Fund, Michalis Christodoulou, stated that Mr. Rudd extended his gratitude to the Hellenic Emergency Fund on their initiatives, and the Greek Community of Australia subsequently.

“We chose to give the funds to Mr. Rudd because the Greek and Cypriot Community of Brisbane are based at the boundaries of his electoral constituency. In turn he will hand them in to the natural disaster relief fund, established by Queensland Government”, stated Mr. Christodoulou, who was accompanied by other members of the Fund Committee, and the Coordinator of SAE Oceania Region, George Angelopoulos. The ambassador of Greece in Canberra, Alexios Christopoulos, and High Commissioner of Cyprus, Ioannis Iakovou, were also present.

Mr. Rudd, among other things, told the delegation that he is planning to visit Cyprus too, over the first semester of the following year.

The delegation, on occasion of its presence at the Federal Parliament, met Mr. Athanasios Sinodinos and congratulated him on the assumption of his duties as Senator under the Liberal Party.

Mr. Sinodinos was the director of the office of the former Prime Minister, John Howard.

Source: ANAMPA

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