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Greek FM Stavros Lambrinidis attends Diaspora “OXI” Day events
New York31.10.2011

Greek Foreign Minister, Stavros Lambrinidis, represented the Greek Government, attending Greek Community celebrations for the anniversary of October 28, 1940, within the context of the annual event held by “The Washington OXI Day Foundation”.

Addressing hundreds of attendees at the event, including U.S. Government officials and members of Congress, Mr. Lambrinidis conveyed a message of optimism on the future of Greece, highlighting the timeless and topical messages of our national anniversary. Among other things, the Greek Foreign Minister also referred to the “joint struggles” of Greece and the United States for freedom and independence, stressing the “extremely important and helpful role” of the U.S. Government, over this period, to tackle the economic crisis in Europe.

Celebrations for OXI Day were held for the first time in Washington. The two-day series of events was launched on Thursday at the World War II Fighters Memorial, whereby former Senator and Candidate for U.S. Presidency Bob Dole, injured in World War II, 97 – year – old Panagiotis Sakellaris, whose figure represented all Greek fighters who fought against nazism and fascism, for the freedom and national dignity of Hellenism, and well – known Greek – American figure and businessman, former SAE President, Andrew Athens, who also fought in WWII.

Source: ANAMPA

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