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The October 28, 1940, marks the beginning of the struggle of the Greek people against the fascist invader, adding another golden page in Greek history.

Τhe “OXI” of small Greece, to Mussolini’s fascist Italy, signaled the beginning of the sacrifices of a whole nation. The fighters of the victory, the fearless warriors in the mountains of Epirus, men and women along with Expatriates from all over the world, fought for Freedom, Justice, Democracy. They reversed the unfavorable ratio of the military forces and became symbols of sacrifice and heroism, challenging the admiration of the whole world.

Today’s National Day is a reminder that the ideals of our civilization, the Orthodox Faith, are showing especially today, the way to continuity of Hellenism around the world, our compass in a world beset by social and moral misery stripping. We Hellenes are proud people, the words: duty and sacrifice, have woven the tradition of each generation.

In a world that is changing rapidly, we have the duty to preserve the historical memory, to pass on to the next generations, messages of supreme sacrifice, for a purpose greater than our physical presence, and to give them vision and faith.

Our country now and its citizens are experiencing a very difficult time.

Insecurity and economic war raging, the disintegration of social fabric, challenging the political system is irritating our people. The Greek people in these critical hours should rise to circumstances, and believe again in those values ​​inherited from the glorious past.

Our battle, following in the footsteps of those fighters, is the daily effort to maintain all this, what remind us, how special our contribution is to global and European reality. Everyone should believe in the prospect of our country.

Hellenes all over the world, united, let us defend our cultural heritage, our religion. Let us consistently, with dignity, and unity, lead the battle to protect our history, our language and our culture.

Long live the October 28, 1940
Long live Hellas!

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