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The anniversary of October 28 1940 is a milestone in the history of our nation. Hellenes worldwide, on this day, honor the heroic contribution of our People in the struggle against fascism in World War II, which has been praised by all.

With superhuman mental strength, with courage and determination, Greeks proved once again, that nothing stands above traditional values, our justice, our national standing.

This year’s anniversary coincides with a critical juncture for our homeland, where Greeks are called to engage in difficult struggles and stand worthy, knowing that only the nations that honor their history earn the respect of key players in the global chessboard.

The events to celebrate the liberation of Thessaloniki, capital of Hellenes Worldwide and patron Saint Demetrius, along with the celebration of our National Anniversary, form an opportunity to reflect on our offering.

The World Council of Hellenes Abroad believes that the employment of the forces of Hellenism Worldwide, at this current critical phase, is essential in order to achieve the desired result. The duty of all Diaspora Greeks is to play a catalytic role in the development and promotion of Greece and Hellenism.

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Press Releases