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Let us honor Hellenism with actions

This year’s national anniversary of October 28 finds the homeland in a very difficult situation, owing to the extended economic crisis and consequent social turmoil.

Nonetheless, our morale must remain invincible. We need to overcome our phobias and shut our ears to the sirens of defeatism. Our history is full of national ordeals, hardships and challenges. We surpassed them all.

The deterioration of the Greek economy is part of the global economic crisis. We certainly know it is also a result of improper handling by Greek governments, either through their actions or omissions. As we know that we also bear part of the responsibility, with our tolerance. Therefore, there is no point in any criticism and negativity.

We are all concerned on how we can contribute to our homeland. Unfortunately, the chaotic situation in Greece is not currently allowing for a structured intervention on behalf of Greek community members abroad in coordinated cooperation with the Greek state.

Even so, our interest is given, as our intentions. Until we, as Greek Diaspora, plan a collective way to assist the homeland, let each of us stand by our relatives, friends and compatriots in Greece, in any possible manner, morally and materially. Moreover, let us defend Greece in international fora with the power we hold as American citizens.

Greece is not only the country plagued by the economic crisis at the present time. It is the matrix of global culture, philosophy, sciences, arts, noble ideas and immortal heroes. Greece and Hellenism is an idea. Our glorious ancestors, from ancient times served and preserved this idea with their struggles. We are honored to be called Greeks.

Our ancestors are not in need of being accredited honor by us. It was conquered with their actions. We are the ones who must honor ourselves, as we are accountable both to our ancestors and especially to future generations.

Let the anniversary of October 28, 1940 become a catalyst to draw pride, courage and strength, from the abundant reserves of national collective memory, to overcome this crisis too. Remember the patriotism, self-denial, enthusiasm, faith, and above all the power of will and unity taught by our ancestors, both in 1940 and several moments of our history.

This year, let us consciously honor our national memory, through acts of solidarity and support towards Greece. Let us accept the baton of struggle and national duty. With patience, perseverance, and the power of collective effort in particular, we will build a better future.

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