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Should Greeks residing abroad be exempt from the new taxation bill? Yes, they should, according to the World Council of Greeks Abroad (SAE). 
Olga Sarantopoulos, the council’s secretary, sent an urgent letter to Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos this week trying to get Greeks abroad off the new taxation hook. She said Greeks abroad are very consistent with their obligations towards the Greek state and have always demonstrated their love and support for their country through donations.
According to Sarantopoulos, Greeks abroad are the country’s biggest international assets: “They have repeatedly voiced their wish to help their home country exit this terrible financial crisis in any possible way,” she said in her letter. 
Earlier this month, SAE president Stefanos Tamvakis met with MPs in Athens to discuss the future of the council. They discussed the council’s economic independence and the government’s new law on Greek-language education abroad. Tamvakis also raised the matter of absentee ballots for Greeks abroad, an issue he said should not be shelved.
Source: Athens News

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