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Good news. Due to the generosity of our sponsors, we are now able to offer participation in these October 27 – 28 day – time events at NO CHARGE. Please let us know which events (attached) you will be attending. The Greek – American community’s most distinguished leaders from across the country, in conjunction with the Washington Oxi Day Foundation, are organizing a series of events of international significance in Washington D.C. These events will celebrate:

1. The day that Greece refused to surrender in World War II, thereby inflicting the wound that eventually brought down the Axis forces in David versus Goliath fashion.

2. Those modern – day Davids who have demonstrated the same courage as the Greeks in fighting for freedom and democracy around the world.

Due to the generosity of our sponsors, we are able to offer participation in the day – time events (attached) at no charge.

HOWEVER, registration is REQUIRED. Please indicate which events you will be attending by sending an email to


In addition, there will be a black tie banquet at the Four Seasons Hotel on October 27. The emcee will be television journalist and author Chris Matthews. Participants will include policymakers from the White House, State Department, Defense Department, US Congress, top US think tanks and human rights groups, leaders and Ambassadors from numerous countries involved in WWII. In addition, Greek Orthodox Archbishop of America Demetrios along with Greek-American leaders from across the country and WWII veterans will be in attendance.

Tickets to the black tie banquet can be purchased here.

This Oxi Day Celebration will make America’s top policymakers and opinion leaders, as well as the American public, aware of very positive activities by the Greek people at a time when such exposure for the people of Greece would be most helpful. It will, as well, inspire Americans of Greek background, other Americans and freedom – loving people around the world.

These events will highlight the extraordinary David versus Goliath courage demonstrated by the Greek people during WWII. As you know, Greece:

1. Inspired a world that had lost hope by becoming the first nation to stop the seemingly invincible Axis Forces;

2. Saw more of Hitler’s troops killed in one day in the Battle of Crete, Greece than any single day in 15 months prior in 11 other countries, as Hitler’s troops encountered their first en masse civilian challenge;

3. Was the only non – Big Three nation credited as being crucial to the defeat of Hitler, with one-in-ten Greek people sacrificing their lives in the process; and

4. Was the only country whose religious leader publicly opposed the Holocaust during a brutal Nazi occupation.

For more information, please visit our website at


We look forward to your participation.

Andy Manatos
Washington Oxi Day Foundation

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