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Meeting of SAE Administrative Board with the Special Permanent Committee on Greeks Abroad Board

The alteration of Law 3480/2006, on the operation of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE), issues regarding Education in Greek and the Diaspora vote, were the focus of the meeting held between the Administrative Board of SAE with the Board of Special Permanent Committee on Greeks Abroad.

The President of SAE, Mr. Stefanos P. Tamvakis, thanked Committee Chairman, Mr. Elias Karanikas, for the meeting held on Monday afternoon at the Hellenic Parliament, within the context of the 8th Meeting of the Administrative Board of SAE, to exchange views on issues regarding Worldwide Hellenism.

The President of SAE informed that Regions functioned properly, with manifold activities, in areas such as Sports, Education and others, despite the fact that the Administrative Board does not convene on a bi-annual basis, as in the past.

Mr. Tamvakis also briefed on the initiative taken by the Administrative Board of SAE to submit a unanimous proposal on the alteration of Law 3480/2006, directed towards the economic autonomy of the institution, so that it will be finally established as a strong, representative, Coordinating Body of Hellenism Worldwide, with substantial and specific responsibilities.

Deputy Foreign Minister for Greeks Abroad, Mr. Demetris Dollis, committed that the Law alteration will not be executed in absentia of SAE and the Greek Diaspora.

In view of the forthcoming meeting of the Board of SAE, this December in Thessaloniki, to discuss the alteration of Law 3480/2006, the Chairman of the Special Permanent Committee for Greeks Abroad, Mr. Elias Karanikas, asked the Administrative Board of SAE for preliminary cooperation.

Extensive discussion was also carried out on issues regarding Greek Language Education and problems resulting from the bill promoted by the Ministry of Education, such the closure of schools, teaching staff reduction, non-employment of Diaspora teachers etc. On matters related to Greek Language Education, SAE Regions have already submitted precise and specific proposals, by region, since 2010, which were not taken into account over the current phase.

On the Diaspora Vote issue, Mr. Stefanos P. Tamvakis stressed that a standing issue of Greeks Abroad should not be indefinitely pushed aside, and that SAE will continue to pose it, until its materialization.

The Members of the Administrative Board of SAE, stressed that in this difficult situation, that Greece is currently going through, the employment of the forces of Hellenism is crucial, and that where there is mobilization, there is also a result. As it was stated by SAE USA Region Coordinator, this year over 750.000 Diaspora Greeks visited Greece from the United States alone. Likewise, mobilization on behalf of other SAE Regions to strengthen Tourism to the homeland was on the same wavelength.

The meeting was attended, on behalf of the Special Permanent Committee on Diaspora Hellenism Board, by its Chairman, Mr. Elias Karanikas, Vice-Chairman, Mr. Spyridon Taliadouros and 2nd Vice-Chairman, Mr. Ioannis Ziogas.

On behalf of the Administrative Board of SAE, apart from its President, the meeting was attended by USA and Australia Region Coordinators, Mr. Theodore Spyropoulos and Mr. George Angelopoulos, respectively, SAE Canada Office Director, Mr. Anastasios Moussas, representing SAE Canada Coordinator Mr. Ioannis Dagonas, and Mr. Kyriakos Iordanidis on behalf of the 5th Region Coordinator Mr. Ivan Savvidis.

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