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During the 8th Meeting of the Administrative Board of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE), under President Stefanos P. Tamvakis, held in Athens, on Sunday, October 9th, in the presence of Deputy Foreign Minister, Demetris Dollis and General Director of the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad (GSGA), Ambassador Mr. Petros Panagopoulos, the proposal of the Deputy Minister was adopted, regarding the one-year extension on the postponement of the Ordinary Meeting of SAE and the term of the current Administrative Board, through the amendment of Law 3480/2006.

The extension, which Mr. Dollis will be presenting to the Hellenic Parliament, aims to enable the Members of the Administrative Board of SAE, the Members of the Council worldwide, and the assistance of the GSGA and relevant Deputy Foreign Minister, to assess all self-financing possibilities for the Council.

In this context, at the initiative and unanimous proposal of the Administrative Board, it was jointly agreed to modify Law 3480/2006, regarding the operation of SAE, so as to establish the organization, as a strong, representative Coordinating Body for Hellenism worldwide.

Mr. Dollis committed that the alteration of the Law, based on the financial autonomy of the body, will not be executed in absentia of SAE and the Greek Diaspora. The issue will be discussed in the following meeting of the Administrative Board of SAE with the Deputy Foreign Minister, to be held early December in Thessaloniki.

The Members of the Administrative Board of SAE, agreed with the Deputy Minister’s proposal. In the current difficult situation that Greece is facing, it was stressed on both parts, that immediate employment of the forces of Hellenism worldwide is crucial. The Greek Diaspora, living, prospering, advancing and excelling in all areas, in all corners of the world, wants, and is capable of playing a catalytic role in the development and promotion of Greece and Hellenism.

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