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«Omonoia» and other minority organizations in Albania, are calling for a census boycott

The organization of the Greek minority in Albania “Omonoia”, the association of Vlachs, and organizations of the Serbian and Slav – Macedonian minority have announced their unanimous decision to boycott the population census, to be held on October 8th.

The President of Omonoia, Vassilis Bolanos, stated in a Press Conference, that the census law does not comply with international standards, and that the census is not aimed at defining the exact minority data.

“We, as minority representatives, state that we do not acknowledge this process, nor its product and we are calling our members to refrain from participating in a census that does not serve the solution of current problems, but their worsening”, added the President of Omonoia.

Earlier, the Parliament had adopted an amendment to the census law, adding an article that provides for a 1.000 Euro fine for those who have declared false information on their ethnicity.

These amendments, proposed by the party of the so – called “Chams” PDIU, were characterized as “unreasonable and a breach of every citizen’s right for self-determination, prescribed by international criteria”.

Under the census, Albanian citizens are called to respond to nine questions, related to their residence, eight questions on their financial situation, and forty questions related to personal data, among which two optional (on ethnicity and religion). The other 38 questions, including the one on native language, are mandatory.

Source: ANAMPA

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Hellenes Abroad / Greece

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