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Oceania’s Greek youth participating in this year’s Panhellenic Games in Darwin

The city of Darwin will be hosting this year’s Panhellenic Games, officially opening on Friday.

The capital city of the Northern Territory has a population of 120.000 residents, 8.000 – 9.000 of them being Greek. The Greek community of Darwin is exceptionally active and progressive, widely respected and appreciated in the broader Australian community.

Over 400 young athletes of Greek origin from Australia and New Zealand are expected to take part in this year’s Panhellenic Games, organized by the World Council of Hellenes Abroad.

“The Games are a successful established event; held every two years and attracting more and more athletes of Greek origin”, states SAE Oceania Coordinator, George Angelopoulos.
Moreover, the Chairman of the Greek Community of Darwin, Giannis Nikolakis, states that the local Greek Community is excited to welcome the Greek youth of Australia and New Zealand.

“We are ready to organize the best Panhellenic Games”, he stated, adding that “[the games] will not only be athletic but also cultural”.

On Thursday evening, SAE and the Games Steering Committee will host a reception in honor of the athletes and their guests, at the State Parliament Hall, and the Games will officially launch on Friday and end on Sunday, when the result of the next city to host the Games in two years will be announced.

Note that the main sponsor of this year’s Games is the Northern Territory state government.

Source: ANAMPA

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