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Another historic appearance of the youth of Hellenism in Australia, will be taking place, under the umbrella of SAE Oceania and Far East Region, overcoming any obstacle created in an event of such magnitude and significance.

The Oceania Panhellenic Games begin in Darwin on Thursday, September 29th and end on Sunday, October 2nd 2011.

The games, held under the auspices of the Northern Territory Premier, Hon. Paul Henderson, are conducted by organizational responsibility of the Greek Orthodox Community of Northern Australia in collaboration with other Greek organizations in Darwin and steering committees by state, which supported their athletic teams.

The generous sponsorship on behalf of the Northern Territory Government and full support of the business world and Diaspora Organization, with particular reference to tycoon, Mr. Yannis Halikos, who provided free accommodation for the athletes, realized the dream of Greek youth athletes, who will be demonstrating what they inherited from the Olympic spirit of their ancestors.

The organization of the Games by the Greek Orthodox Community of Northern Australia and constructive collaboration with other Diaspora Organization, in addition to the cordial support of many volunteers from Darwin’s Hellenism, yielded excellent results and the games are expected to be crowned with success.

With the participation of over 400 athletes in six sports and the sponsorship of the Northern Territory Government, the games are expected to be very successful and encourage sportsmanship and solidarity among youths, with a coveted origin as their common trait, paving the way for the next fortunate city, in charge of the 2013 games, that will be announced in Darwin by SAE Oceania Coordinator, Mr. Georgios Angelopoulos.

This year’s games are expected to be attended by Hellenism in Darwin, and not only, prominent Greek – Australians and representatives of Greek-speaking media across the country.

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