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Hellenes Abroad / Greece

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On the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the revolution led by Dionysius the Philosopher in Epirus, a series of events will be held, jointly organized by the “Panepirotic Federation of Greece”, Municipalities, the University and regional bodies.

A tribute to Dionysius the Philosopher, who wrote his own “golden” pages in the history of Greece against the Ottoman Turk conquerors, and also those who joined him in the revolt, which was eventually drenched in blood. It was the first liberation movement against the Turks, the first spark of hope to the enslaved Greek nation.

On September 10th 1611, an army comprised of approximately one thousand men (farmers and shepherds), armed with farming tools and led by Dionysius the Philosopher, took over Ioannina for a night, setting the headquarters of Osman Pasha on fire. It was the first major revolt to be held in Greece, in the Ottoman rule era. On September 11th 1611, the revolution was drenched in blood and Dionysius was captured though treason. When he was presented to Osman Pasha his famous words were: “I fought in order to free the people from your tortures and your tyranny”. Dionysius was tortured and perished upon being flayed alive by the Turks in September of 1611. His skin was filled with hay and was paraded around the city, rebuked as the “skylosophos” – rather than “philosophos”

The Panepirotic Confederation of Greece honors the 400 year anniversary since the revolution led by Dionysius the Philosopher, drawing valuable lessons and highlighting the its unique value and contribution to our history, through a three-day series of events, in places intertwined with the heroic path of the revolutionary movement of 1611.

The events are jointly organized with local authority bodies at Dihouni Monastery and Thesprotia, and the concluding event will be held in Ioannina, on Monday September 12th at 20.00 at the Castle of Ioannina in Its Kale. The event will be focusing on the timely national and social messages conveyed by the anniversary, featuring a blend of historic and poetic elements, with music, dance and audiovisual material screenings.

Furthermore, on the occasion of the 400 year anniversary since the National Liberation Movement of Dionysius the Philosopher and his martyred death, the Society of Writers and Authors and the Association of Zosimaia Scool will be holding events, under the following schedule:

On Sunday, September 11th 2011, Divine Liturgy will be officiated at the Church of St. Demetrios in the Holy Monastery of Dihouni, at former Molossoi Municipality. A memorial service will follow in front of the Bust of Dionysius the Philosopher. Two workshops on issues related to Dionysius’ movement and his era will be held in Paramythia, Thesprotia and Ioannina (dates to be determined and announced soon).

Source: ANAMPA

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Hellenes Abroad / Greece

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