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SAE appeal to prevent closure of Radio Station of Macedonia 3rd program of ERT-3

The World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE) has issued an announcement, urging the Greek government to reconsider its decision on the abolishment of the 3rd Program (HF) of the Radio Station of Macedonia of ERT-3, requesting at the same time, to support and strengthen all Greek Radio and Television programs for the Greek Diaspora.

“The Establishment of the 3rd Program (HF) of the Radio Station of Macedonia of ERT3, addressing Greeks Abroad since 1952, coincided with the major immigration wave from northern Greece, across the globe and has served for multiple decades as a bridge of communication with the homeland, but also one of the few media for timely and consistent information on what is happening in Greece.

The 3rd Program was a supporter to efforts made to establish the World Council of Hellenes Abroad in 1995. Through live broadcasts, tributes, special broadcasts and interviews, it provided a means of expression to Diaspora organizations’ representatives, eminent Greek Diaspora figures from all over the world, but also every Greek living abroad”.

At the same time it is noted that all these years, the ERT-3 HF radio program, has developed a profound relationship of trust with the Greek Diaspora worldwide, while it gave, and continues to give, access to news and information, even to 1st generation Diaspora Greeks and those who don’t have the required knowledge on technology and informatics.

“It is clear that the development of new communication forms, should not lead to the exclusion of groups that have no access to them”, stresses SAE in its announcement. “We believe that Thessaloniki, as a capital of Diaspora Hellenism, as it was acknowledged by all Greek governments, is entitled to its own voice across the Greek Diaspora on events regarding and taking place in the city”.

Source: ANAMPA

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