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To the Friends of Greece throughout the World

To the Friends of Greece throughout the World

The reasons that led our country to the economic crisis, government initiatives for addressing the crisis, the contribution of Greek people in exiting the crisis, in addition to Greece’s prospects, are presented in an informative brochure issued by PASOK’s Department for Greeks Abroad.

The brochure addresses Greece’s friends around the world, as the manner in which, many foreign Media, politicians and analysts, attack Greece, leads to misinformation of the public opinion, causing concern and doubt for Greece’s friends, as Costas Tatsis, Secretary of PASOK’s Department for Greeks Abroad, states from Munich.

“The aim of the Department for Greeks Abroad, through the brochure, translated in several languages, is to “speak” to as many recipients as possible, in regard to the titanic and trustworthy struggle our homeland is engaged in to exit the crisis, on one hand, and preserve the friendly and loyal relationship of our compatriots with their fellow citizens in local communities, on the other hand”, stresses Mr. Tatsis.

Within the context of providing better information to Greece’s friends abroad, the Department for Greeks Abroad, presents convincing arguments, in response to daily questions caused by “self-proclaimed experts of the Greek crisis”, with references exceeding the objective presentation of the problem. Among other things it is mentioned that “they are speculating at the expense of Greece, those who caused the international crisis, also the Euro-zone”.

The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), according to its report to the German Ministry of Finances, has detected clear signs that speculators have intensified their activities against Greece”.