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Message on the 37th anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus

Under conditions of increased international economic uncertainty and amid our agony, not only for the current situation in Greece, but also on the recent developments in Cyprus, the memory of the sorrowful anniversary of the Turkish invasion in the martyred island should not fade.

The need to join forces and collaboration is urgent and imperative, so as to create a common Greek and Cypriot front to vindicate the people of Cyprus.

As American citizens, at every opportunity and contact we make with American politicians, we should stress that the Cyprus issue is an international problem of invasion and occupation of an independent state, and that the perpetuation of the problem is an obstacle to stability, peace and development in the broader region and international scene.

Mankind is going through a particularly critical stage, and postponing a solution to the Cyprus issue, adds to the problems of involved states. Only the achievement of a viable and functional settlement of the Cyprus issue, will contribute to peaceful coexistence, the prospect of good neighborliness, economic development and friendship, serving the interests of Cyprus, Greece, Turkey and the people of third countries, to the highest extent.

Theodore G. Spyropoulos
SAE USA Region Coordinator

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