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Nikos Kazantzakis museum in Crete is facing economic difficulties

The Administrative Board of Kazantzakis Museum is addressing an appeal for help, as the Museum is facing serious financial hardships, to a point that the situation may jeopardize its operation.

Nikos Kazantzakis Museum was founded in Myrtia, Crete, next to Heraklion, through the donation and subsequent care of George Anemoyannis, a leading figure in the history of Greek theater, while the institution was inaugurated by the late Melina Mercouri on June 27th 1983.

In its 28 year course, the Museum was enriched with significant objects of research and museum interest, on Nikos Kazantzakis; memorabilia and documents, manuscripts and personal objects, but also a number of letters and theatrical material. And so the museum evolved into a model “personal” museum, the only one of its kind in Greece, featuring remarkable exhibits and records offering substantial information on the life and work of the great author.

“Over the past years, through vision and planning, it achieved the modernization of its operation to accommodate up-to-date visitor requirements and needs, but also researchers of the author”, stresses the announcement.

“The ambitious plan was implemented through making use of European Union programs. The substantially, new Museum, amid the wonderful Cretan settings of the region, embarking on the rich intellectual legacy of the great author, through new dynamics, modern technological means and aesthetic upgrading of its infrastructures, now welcomes world interest on the Author in terms justifying the significance of his name.

There is however imminent danger in the creative course of this important cultural “cell”, as its only revenue comes from ticket prices and donations of the Museum’s friends. For this reason, the Administrative Board is issuing a worldwide appeal, to the friends of the author and Crete, to contribute in any way they wish.

For this purpose, a special bank account has been created; Piraeus Bank, BIC: PIRBGRAA, ACCOUNT No: EUR 5751-044886-603, IBAN: GR 16 0172 7510 0057 5104 4886 603, NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS MUSEUM.

Those interested can contact the Museum’s offices at (+30) 2810 741689, 742451, φαξ (+30) 2810 742232 and via email on;


Source: ANAMPA

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