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Greek traditional dance seminar in the Greek Community of Punta Arenas

The Greek Community of Punta Arenas in Chile organized a seminar for Greek traditional dances for youths and adults. The classes, supported by SAE Central and S. America, were taught by Margarita Rapanaki, dance instructor. During morning and evening classes, participants had a unique opportunity to learn Greek dances and of course, Zorbas’ syrtaki.

This seminar serves as reinforcement to the Greek Community of Punta Arenas, and at the same time strengthens Greek cultural presence in the Straits of Magellan, states Community President, Eleni Bourna, who also expressed everyone’s enthusiasm on the establishment of a traditional dance troupe, which will soon be able to give performances, starting from Punta Arenas.

It is noted that Ms. Rapanaki with Marialous Costakopoulos from Argentina, were hosted last year by the Lyceum of Greek Women of Volos for 40 days, to attend traditional dance, and language classes.

Source: ANAMPA

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