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World Council of Hellenes Abroad on the side of Cyprus. Statement by SAE President St. Tamvakis

“Diaspora Hellenism expects to see our Cyprus united again, and all of us, together, as soon as possible, witness a just and viable solution of our national issue, so that Nicosia stops being the last divided capital in Europe”, stated the President of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad, Mr. Stefanos P. Tamvakis, addressing the annual General Meeting of the Cypriot Brotherhood of Alexandria, held on Sunday morning in Alexandria.

Mr. Tamvakis stressed the need to further intensify the joint efforts of SAE, POMAK and PSEKA to put an end to this tragic page in the history of Cyprus.

Mr. Tamvakis did not omit to refer to the ever growing economy of Cyprus, which as he stated is a “role model throughout United Europe”.

Mr. Tamvakis thanked and congratulated the outgoing Cypriot Ambassador in Egypt, Mr. Constantinos Leontiou, for his collaboration so far, while he also congratulated the President of the Cypriot Brotherhood, Mr. Charalambos Charalambidis and the Administrative board for its national and philanthropic activities.

The meeting was attended by the Chief Secretary of the Patriarchate’s Holy Synod, Fr. Panteleimon Arathimos, the President of the Greek Community of Alexandria, Mr. Giannis Siokas, the President of the Scientists’ Association of Alexandria “Ptolemeos A”, Mr. Nikolaos Papantonis, the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Alexandria, Mr. Vyron Vafeiadis, the President of the Greek nautical Club of Alexandria, Mr. Edmondos Kassimatis and other officials.

Source: ANA- MPA

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