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Situated in Greece at this difficult time I feel the full anger of our compatriots to the wild measures that the Troika imposes. I add my voice to theirs regarding the tragic mistakes that brought the country to the brink of bankruptcy.
I add my voice to their concern for the future of οur children.  But I also join my voice with all the sane, though unhappy they are unceasing in seeking and maintaining wisdom and composure at this critical time.
Yes, to protests. No to extremism. What matters are the interests of the homeland and the protection of human life. 
I urge and appeal in each direction for prudence and calm.

United, all Hellenes will overcome these difficulties. We will create a better future for our children. We will require the voice of reason in our allies and partners.

Hellenes around the world follow these unfolding events with bated breath. They do believe in the unstoppable power of Hellenism. They believe in the wisdom and restraint of the Greeks. They are reaching out to the tested Greek citizens.

They call on the political leadership and the members of the Parliament, even now to be lifted, at last, to the height of the relevant circumstances and from there, to fight for the freedom and the prosperity of the Greek people.

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Press Releases