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30th Festival for Pontus Youth Dances on June 11th

This year, one of the most successful events of the Greek Diaspora, and particularly Greek youth abroad, which is no other than the Pontus Youth Dance Festival, organized by the Federation of Associations of Pontus Greeks in Europe, held every year in a different European city, is celebrating its 30 year anniversary. The event aims towards the preservation and promotion of Greek Pontian culture.

The 30th Pontus Youth Dance Festival, which will be held on June 11th in Stuttgart, will be attended by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, D. Dollis, SAE Europe Coordinator, Giorgos Amarantidis, the President of the Panpontian Federation of Greece, Giorgos Parharidis, the representative of the Metropolitan of Germany, European Federation representatives, etc.

The event will be launched in a spectacular manner, giving 1.500 dancers (aged from 2 to 32 years old) the opportunity to move their 7.000 spectators with their dynamics, their pure outlook and love for the tradition and history of the people of Pontus.

In collaboration with SAE Europe Region, the festival will be broadcast online, live, on June 11th, from 18:00 (CET) through the Federation’s website: www.osepe.de

Source: ANAMPA

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