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Skopjans living in the States are attempting to form a Congressional Caucus in the U.S. Congress through their Organization “United Macedonia Diaspora” for the promotion of their issues and objectives.

In their announcement, they describe the congressional caucus as “bipartisan group of members of Congress dedicated to maintaining and strengthening a positive and mutually beneficial relationship between the United States and Macedonia”. The organization is inviting all Skopjans and their friends in America to contact their local Members of Congress and encourage them to join the Caucus, providing all the necessary contact details and online links.

SAE U.S.A. Region Coordinator, T.G. Spyropoulos, through an urgent message, informed all Diaspora organizations, on the new Skopjan propaganda tactics attempt, encouraging Greeks to communicate with their local Congress Members and tell them not to participate.

Note that on April 4th 2011, the Congress Administration Committee approved the formation of the first bipartisan Congressional Caucus on “Macedonia (FYROM) and Macedonian Americans”, as mentioned in the documents. The caucus is headed by Republican Congresswoman Candice C. Miller of Michigan.

In Mr. Spyropoulos’ release it is mentioned that “we believe that the formation of the aforementioned committee, even though it is legitimate and understandable, comes at an inappropriate time and that is why efforts to increase its members must be discouraged, at least until the pending issue on the name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is resolved”.

Moreover, as it was stressed in the recent Pan – Macedonian Congress in Worcester, Massachusetts, the propaganda of Skopje is increasingly directed against Greece and Hellenism in general as both media and the internet have been flooded with an anti-Hellenic propaganda.

Source: National Herald

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