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Message by SAE U.S.A. Coordinator, T.G. Spyropoulos on Greek News Campaign

May the national effort become a Diaspora effort!

Greece was and remains one of the most attractive tourist destinations for Americans and the members of the Greek American community. It combines natural beauty, the best climate, beautiful beaches, awe inspiring landscapes, tourist infrastructure, and traditional products, offering alternative and varying forms of tourism.

From traditional to modern forms of tourism, Greece is a heavenly resort for someone who wants to combine their holidays with every form of sports, health or curative purposes, ecology, gastronomy, spiritual quest, religion, history, cultural or scientific tourism, conferences, agro-tourism, mountain or sea tourism, professional tourism, green tourism, tourism for senior citizens, entertainment, education, recreation, relaxation or adventure…

Above all, however, Greece is the land of light, inspiration and culture, with breathtaking archaeological sites, memorials, museums and remarkable modern cultural attractions.

For the younger generation of the Greek American community it offers quality educational summer programs and pioneer volunteer projects, which contribute to a simultaneous familiarization with modern Greece, its history, while establishing ties with the homeland.

My encouragement towards the organized Diaspora, for national local, but also regional or professional organizations is the organization of our annual conferences in Greece for the forthcoming years. The organization of our conferences in Greece is not only a gift to our home, but also ourselves, and most importantly the younger generations of the Greek Diaspora.

Let us explore the regions of Greece we never visited in the past and let us give the opportunity to younger generations to trace the steps of our forefathers, who developed the glorious Greek civilization.

The economy of Greece relies on tourism to a great extent. As an industry it has exquisite potential and has been significantly upgraded over the recent years. It is of vital importance to our country and through the support and promotion of tourism, by making our contribution towards the effort it is making to overcome the unprecedented crisis. May this national effort become a Diaspora effort!

Let’s make GNTO’s motto “Visit Greece” our priority, this year and for the years to follow, for our holidays, getaways, the organization of Diaspora or professional conferences throughout the year!

It is a simple and tangible expression of our interest and love for our blessed country of origin!

In support of the excellent initiative of Greek News, let us all Greek – Americans unite our voices and invite our family and members of our broader social and professional circle to visit this year the land where the ideal of hospitality was born, the land of Zeus Xenios!

T.G. Spyropoulos

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