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Message by T.G. Spyropoulos, SAE USA Region Coordinator, on the occasion of the anniversary of the Battle of Crete and the Genocide of the Greeks of Pontus

Preserve historical memories from “fading”

In an era of international economic crisis and mainly the economic crisis in Greece, everyone’s attention is directed, with great concern and agony to our homeland. The circumstances however, should not prevent us from turning our attention to the past, as May, a month of historical memory, gives us the opportunity once again, to learn through the study of historical facts.

The anniversaries of the Battle of Crete and the Genocide of the Greeks in Pontus, lead us to recollect on the sacrifices of Hellenism and regain strength for the future.

The Battle and National Resistance of Crete, were undoubtedly the most important historical facts of World War II, a symbol of heroism and milestone in world history. The bravery and resistance activities of Cretans against German invasion during WWII, provided allies enough time to restructure their forces and alter the course of the war. The price that Crete paid in life losses was heavy. Nonetheless, the heroism, bravery and transcendence of human nature, of the Cretans, will be remembered as a prime example of resistance against every act undermining the principles of Freedom and Justice.

May 19th, is a Day of Memory for the Genocide of Greeks in Asia Minor Pontus, during the 1916-1923 period, as established by the Hellenic Parliament, by unanimous resolution on February 1994. This day, a day of national remembrance and pain for the Genocide of Hellenism and the unforgettable homelands, is honored by all Greeks abroad. We pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the “uprooting” of the people of Pontus from their ancestral homes and their transformation to a nation of refugees and Diaspora.

Mainly, however, this is a day of reflection and responsibility on the establishment of truth internationally. The emergence of the Genocide of Pontic Greeks and the people of Asia Minor; the Armenians, Christian minorities, the Assyrians, the Syrians and Chaldeans by the Young Turks is a social, historical and political issue of great importance for Greece and the International Community.

The Greek American community honors the historical Diaspora organizations of the U.S.A. and Canada Panpontian Federation and the Pancretan Association of America.

Let us all participate in the Commemorative Events of both organization, but mainly let us all collaborate in executing our historical duty to prevent the Genocide of the Greeks of Pontus from remaining a crime without recognition in the history of mankind.

All of us, regardless of where we live, in and out of Greece, belong to the same family. Whatever affects a part of it, affects the whole. And let us not forget that, if parts of our history are starting to fade away in our consciences, we are in danger of becoming more vulnerable as a nation.

Overcoming insecurity, each and every one of us, and all together, let us prove with optimism, that Hellenism will overcome the current challenges and difficult circumstances, constructing a better future on solid foundations.

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