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Message of SAE U.S.A. Region Coordinator on the occasion of Easter Holidays

Easter, the most significant and hope-inspiring feast of Hellenism. The rebirth of the Nation and our spiritual life: past, present and future. Hope, Faith and Love; a “triptych” that empowers us to overcome any challenges in our path.

In the difficult times we are currently experiencing, the message of the Resurrection, preceded by the great Golgotha and the Crucifixion, serves as a reminder of victory over death, surpassing the ephemeral and materialistic plane and achieving salvation through sacrifice.

The role model of the Crucified Human, Hero and God, is intertwined with Hellenism, from ancient times, until today. It symbolizes the sacrifice of the spirit descending in matter and purged through sacrifice. It represents the triumph of the psyche over death, spirit over matter and the elevation of mankind on higher spiritual planes.

Nonetheless, devaluation of our spiritual principles and values in our days, often leads to a never-ending, vicious circle and indecisiveness to take action, required by current times and circumstances.

Let us commune once again to the profound notions of the Resurrection and let us follow the notional Golgotha, with perseverance. Walking the path of sacrifice and altruism, the path of genuine love towards our fellow humans, together, we will create a better tomorrow for our future generations.

On behalf of SAE U.S.A. Region, I wish all my compatriots:

A Happy Easter, with Love and Unity

T.G. Spyropoulos

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