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SAE USA Proposals for the education of Greeks abroad submitted – Pan-American Symposium on «The future of Greek Language Education in the USA; what is our duty as Greek Diaspora»

Proposals for the Education of Greeks in the United States submitted in the context of the public consultation for Greek language education for the Greek Diaspora were forwarded to the Alternate Minister of Education, Fofi Gennimata by SAE USA Region Coordinator, Theodore Spyropoulos. Relevant proposals were gathered from the remaining three major Regions of Hellenism (Far East and Oceania, Central and North America, Africa – Middle East) and submitted to Ms. Gennimata by the President of SAE Mr. Stefanos P. Tamvakis.

“Our goal is to create an independent, universally accepted Committee on the Support of Education and the establishment of the Education Fund”, states, among other things, SAE USA Region Coordinator, Mr. T.G. Spyropoulos, in his letter addressed to the Alternate Minister of Education, stressing the particularities of education of Greek children in the States, adding that “We are aware of the fact that, in addition to the valuable assistance and support on behalf of the Greek state we also have a duty, following the footsteps of pioneer immigrants, to support Greek language and subsequently Greek education in the States.”

In his letter, Mr. Spyropoulos expressed his sincere gratitude to Ms. Gennimata, on behalf of the Greek Community in the States for her initiative to present basic dialogue issues for public consultation with respect to Greek Language Education abroad.

At the same time, he announces that on an initiative of SAE U.S.A. Region, the Federation of Greek American Educators and the Federation of Greek Associations of Greater New York a Pan – American Symposium is being organized on “The future of Greek Language Education in the U.S.A.; what is our duty as Greek Diaspora”.

The Symposium, according to Greek News, will be held on the first weekend of June. The annual event of the Federation of Educators and “Prometheus” will be carried out on June 5th to honor teachers. Representatives of the Greek State, the Archdiocese of America and all Greek American organizations, as well as members of Administrative Boards from all Greek American Schools, educators and academics will be invited to the Symposium.

Source: ANAMPA

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