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Deputy FM Demetris Dollis characterizes Greeks abroad as a key partner for Greece. Meeting of Deputy FM with the Administrative Boards of OEK Germany and its Community – members in North Rhine - Westphalia

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Greeks Abroad, Mr. Demetris Dollis, characterized Greeks abroad as a key partner for Greece, during a meeting with the Administrative Boards of OEK Germany (Federation of Greek Communities) and the its Community – Members in North Rhine – Westphalia on Sunday afternoon in Cologne.

As it is mentioned in an announcement issued by OEK, Mr. Dollis made special reference to the role of Federations and Greek Communities – Members in EU Countries, towards the efforts of the Greek government for the financial recovery and restructuring of the country, but also in the broader efforts for the reform and redeployment of its forces abroad.

Deputy FM, Demetris Dollis also made an appeal for the assumption of initiatives, so as to include Greeks abroad, who are not organized in Communities, in the supportive forces of Greece.

“We have to seek ways to handle our decisions”, stressed Mr. Dollis among other things. “Greece and Greeks abroad, must find more effective ways to support each other, otherwise our children will suffer”.

In regard to the current financial and fiscal crisis in Greece and the EU, Mr. Dollis stated; “I am optimistic. Meanwhile, Greece has obtained the reputation of a country that is making an effort. Now we are all called to help, so that Greece will also acquire the reputation of a capable country”.

In response to questions relating to the Diaspora Vote, the Deputy Foreign Minister for Greeks Abroad stated that it has been a part of his political goals for the past 11 years and hopes that its implementation will be taking place soon, stating “Ask me again in twelve months”.

In regard to the closure of Greek Consulates in Germany, expected to cause difficulties, according to Greeks abroad, Mr. Dollis noted that efforts are being made in order to offset this fact through the rationalization and simplification of procedures with the assistance of modern technology and the internet, so that actual presence will not be required for every case.

The Board of the Federation of Greek Communities in Germany, expressed their satisfaction on the results of the meeting with the Deputy Foreign Minister.

“Greek Diaspora in Germany, as well as the entire Greek Diaspora stay by the side of the struggling Greece”, stressed the President of OEK Germany, Mr. Costas Demetriou, while he added that a new finding from the meeting with Mr. Dollis is that; “The Greek Government has realized the capabilities and the role organized Greeks abroad can play, when serving as “ambassadors” to Greece in the countries they reside, when acting as an organized Greek lobby”

Source: ANAMPA

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