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The President of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE), Mr. Stefanos Tamvakis met with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Demetris Dollis, in the presence of the new General Director of the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad (GSGA), Mr. Petros Panagiotopoulos.

During the meeting held in the Foreign Minister’s office, a discussion was made on the future of SAE, in regard to which Mr. Dollis stressed that the evolution of an institution corresponding to the current needs of the Greek Diaspora in every corner of the world through a sincere dialogue with all interested bodies, constitutes everyone’s wish.

On his part, the President of SAE, expressed his certainty that the renewed institution which will emerge from this process will continue to act as a means of support to the homeland, especially in difficult times, having established a mutual relationship.

The future of SAE will also be discussed in the forthcoming session of the SAE Administration Board in Thessaloniki, in the presence of the Deputy Foreign Minister and the General Director of the GSGA, as well as the Board of the Special Permanent Committee for Greeks Abroad of the Greek Parliament.

On the occasion of the meeting, Mr. Tamvakis had the opportunity to congratulate Mr. Panagiotopoulos for his appointment, expressing the willingness of all SAE Board Members for a close cooperation on issues concerning Greeks abroad.

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Press Releases