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«Kastelorizo is Greek Land»

A powerful message was addressed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, D. Droutsas from Kastelorizo, where he participated in the tree-planting activities, organized on March 30th under the sponsorship of the Hellenic American foundation, Plant Your Roots in Greece, in collaboration with Megisti Municipality (Kastelorizo) and Xanthi Municipality, under the care of the “Society for the Study and Recording of Greeks Abroad”.

“So, our message to everyone – in all directions, within and beyond our borders – is clear: Kastelorizo is Greek land, just like Athens, Thrace, Macedonia, Mani and Crete. And anyone who suggests otherwise will have no luck”, he stated, and, addressing the residents of the borderline island he added that; “Your daily struggle here on our homeland’s outer reaches is not wasted, and from this struggle we should all learn to stop turning against ourselves, separating Greeks into patriots and traitors who switch roles every four years”.

Referring to the interior, Mr. Droutsas stressed that “you teach us what it means to be a true and concrete patriot” and that “now more than ever, some believe that they can take advantage of your island in their political and partisan debates. They suddenly remembered that they must defend you, to prove their own patriotism.”

In regard to the handling of Turkish behavior from the Greek government he stated “You know better than anyone that Turkey’s provocative behavior has not changed, just as our firm replies to every provocation have not changed either. We will not move an inch backwards, we cannot accept a single dent against our sovereign rights, from one end of Greece to the other and certainly we will not waive the rights of Kastelorizo to its natural wealth”.

Mr. Droutsas reiterated Greece’s position that its weapons lie in International Justice and Law and our position in the International Community, underlining that “Greece’s weapon is its determination to defend justice through diplomacy and our armed forces”.

Droutsas also warned that “nobody should even dare to separate those two institutions, as it will only cause harm to Greece and its ability to defend its own rights”.

“Every time I’m here with you on Kastelorizo – this island on the edge of the Aegean but in the heart of Greece – I feel the same admiration and respect for all of those living in border regions, for all those who struggle every day with conditions that are often difficult and unfair, with limited and meagre means. And allow me to say that you teach all of us the true meaning of patriotism, real patriotism.” Added the minister.

Mr. Droutsas also thanked the Diaspora organizations who took the initiative for the tree-planting activities, stating that “As a Greek who grew up in the diaspora, I am very proud that I can plant my roots in this land, on Kastelorizo, in the heart of Greece.”

Source: ANAMPA

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