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Message by the Secretary of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE), Dr. Olga Sarantopoulos on the National Anniversary of the 25th March 1821 and the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary


It was like today, one hundred and ninety years ago, when the struggle for the much-coveted freedom from bondage bravely armed the hands of the warrior and removed fear from within his heart. One hundred ninety years ago, the Hellenic Nation rose to liberate itself from a tyrannic bondage that had lasted four centuries, and under the divine leadership of the Virgin Mary and its Orthodox faith achieved it. The heroic figures of the Revolution of 1821 still remain in our memory immortal, bright examples of self-sacrifice and unsurpassed valor.

The Hellenic Nation was born, and along with it, a new era began. Since then the road to democracy was a long, harsh one. But Hellas, this small country was steadfast and deservedly won a place in the world worthy of its heritage.

Today then is a day for double celebration, a day when within the nation the sparkle of freedom was ignited and also a day of celebrating the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary. Hellenism and Orthodoxy meet one another at the threshold of history and guide the steps of the Hellenes.

The social and economic developments of our times clearly demonstrate that the period of tremendous changes and challenges is not over yet. A new circle is opening, and Hellas, once more, is faced with its destiny. The economic crisis has brought to the surface the crisis of the values and principles on which the Hellenic Nation was founded since its inception. We all became witnesses, in the last months, of a violent effort to diminish our country, to smear its credibility.

For all Hellenes, but more for those abroad, it is now a matter of honor to protect our homeland, our sacred heritage from every one who dares to deny it its authenticity. Hellas, as an idea, language, religion, civilization, history, even today is the cornerstone of western Civilization. As for all of us, the effort to preserve our Hellenic identity in our second countries and the propagation of our civilization has been and continues to be a constant struggle. Accordingly, the current situation dictates that we all join together, in harmony and cooperation, in order to deter any action degrading our civilization. It is our inherited duty to provide again hope to the vision of a world that will resist this languor and moral decay.

The imperious soul, the sacrifice of the heroic fighters of 1821 demonstrates in the most crystal clear fashion that the Hellenic soul cannot be imprisoned, it can only live free.

Long Live the 25th of March.

Long Live Hellas!

25Η MARCH 2011

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