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Meeting of Alternate Minister of Education with SAE Europe Coordinator

On Saturday March 19th, SAE Europe Region Coordinator, George Amarantides had a meeting with the Alternate Minister of Education, Fofi Gennimata.

The meeting was held within the framework of her visit in the city of Frankfurt in order to discuss with representatives of the Greek community in the region.

During the meeting, Mr. Amarantides, informed the Alternate Minister on the activities of SAE Europe and presented issues regarding the strengthening of Greek language education in the Greek Diaspora. At this point the Coordinator of SAE Europe thoroughly presented the problems of Greek language education, conveying the concern of students, parents and teaching staff in the Region of Europe.

Ms. Gennimata informed the Coordinator on the resolution of issues that arose in Germany and especially the area of Hesse, problems on which she had been immediately informed by SAE Europe.

Referring to the new bill on Greek language education, the Alternate Minister of Education stressed that the new bill will involve transitional arrangements and will not take students and parents by surprise. She also informed him that already all educators’ shortcomings are being evaluated so that the planning for the forthcoming year will be complete within the following weeks.

At the end of the meeting, she assured Mr. Amarantides that all particular traits and needs will be examined in every region before final decisions are taken.

Mr. Amarantides thanked the Alternate Minister of Education for the constructive dialogue and wished for a good future collaboration, to upgrade Greek language education abroad which will meet the real diverse needs of Diaspora Hellenism.

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