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Message by SAE USA Region Coordinator, Mr. T. Spyropoulos
For the anniversary of our National Rebirth and the Feast of Annunciation

The 190 year anniversary of our Nation’s Rebirth and the Feast of the Annunciation on March 25th, finds Greece going through the toughest moments of its modern history. At a time when many nations are facing profound changes and challenges on the political, economic and social levels, while the citizens of the world are helplessly witnessing biblical disasters, such as in Japan.

The timely messages of the dual celebration of March 25th, remind us that Hellenism and Orthodoxy are intertwined primarily with the principles of unconditional love and service. Unity, solidarity, respect towards our fellow humans and nature, reflect the essence of the Greek soul and constitute unique antidotes against the fear and insecurity of modern mankind.

Let us go beyond individualism because we share one consciousness since “all is one” and whatever influences the part also influences the whole.

Let us keep in mind that only when we stand united, before a common vision and purpose, with bravery and unity can we overcome the challenges, on the national and international level and create a better world for our children.

With our participation in the celebrations of the Omogeneia in these days, let us keep high the hope and the flag of Hellenism as our history prescribes, stating dynamically that the Greeks Abroad will rise one more time to the height of circumstances.

Long Live the Internal Hellenic Spirit!

With sincere patriotic greetings,
T. G. Spyropoulos

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