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The glorious path towards Freedom pointed by the Fighters of ’21, symbolically selecting the feast of the Annunciation, marking the beginning of a glorious course. An unfair struggle, evidence to the power of the Greek psyche, such as the strength of the Greeks of the Diaspora and countless Philhellenes who participated in it. With the ideals of Freedom, our Nation and Orthodoxy, deeply inscribed in their consciousness.

The struggle of the Heroes of 1821, was bound to remain as one of the most brilliant pages not only in the history of our Nation, but also in world history. They proudly demonstrated that they possess vigor and virtue, disregarding the sacrifices, to achieve the desired Freedom.

Today, 190 years later, our Homeland is faced with a major challenge, an unprecedented crisis, threatening economic stability, which makes the symbolism of March 25th as current as ever. We, the Greeks all over the world are called to rise to the height of circumstances and support the efforts being made by the metropolitan center to safely exit this crisis. We must not forget that in this path requires national unity, solidarity and faith. We owe it to ourselves, to future generations.

With these thoughts, I would to extend my wishes, on behalf of the Members of the SAE Board of Directors, to Greeks worldwide and success in their anniversary events, organized in every Greek corner.

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