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Message from the President of the Republic Mr. Karolos Papoulias to Greeks Abroad, on the occasion of the National Anniversary marking 25th March 1821

The celebration of March 25th is a day of national inspiration and pride. Hellenism as one pays tribute to the fighters of ’21, who sacrificed their lives in the name of Liberty, National Independence and Democracy, with selflessness and heroism.

The Greeks of the Diaspora were not missing from that historical call of a nation’s revolution which changed the course of modern Greek history, conveying the message “Freedom or Death” in all Europe and worldwide. It was their intervention that contributed to the victorious outcome of the national liberation struggle against a seemingly resilient empire.

With the same fervor and dedication, you, the ambassadors of our country abroad, are the bridge between the motherland and the countries where you live, work and evolve.

The current era, mainly characterized by the economic crisis, calls for respective unanimity and vigilance in order to provide a creative response to the existing challenges and difficulties ahead us. Despite the adverse conditions emerging, not only on national level but also on international affairs, do not forget that only when we stand united we can make the impossible feasible.

With these thoughts and feelings of joy and emotion, I wish all of you and your families, health, happiness and progress on a personal and collective level.

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