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Event for the 25th of March Anniversary at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago

An event on the occasion of the 190th anniversary of Greek Independence – Heritage Day, is being organized, on March 26th, by the Education Coordinator’s Office of the Greek Consulate in Chicago and Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU).

The event will take place at the University auditorium in collaboration with the Chicago Holy Metropolis and SAE U.S.A. Region.

A broad cultural program will be presented during the event, including poems, dance, drama, etc, linked to this historical event. Furthermore, the event will include the presentation of audiovisual material on the Greek Independence Day anniversary.

Greetings at the event will be addressed by the Metropolitan Iakovos of Chicago, the Consul General of Greece, ambassador A. Petrovas, the Chairman and Professors from NEIU, SAE U.S.A.

Coordinator, Theodore Spyropoulos, American Officials and Representatives from Greek Diaspora Organizations.

It must be noted that NEIU signed an Educational Cooperation Agreement with SAE U.S.A. on October 2010. The funding, totaling 75.000 USD towards the American University has been covered by “Theodore and Erica Spyropoulos Foundation”, in the form of 20 scholarships for the training of Greek – American Educators to meet the needs of Greek Schools in the US. The program will be launched this fall.

Source: ANAMPA

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