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New York, March 8th 1857, women working in clothing and textile factories take over the streets of the city, demanding better working conditions and gender equality. The protest was drenched in blood, after a violent police attack. Decades later, on March 8th 1911, the day is established as International Women’s Day by the Socialist International.

Nowadays a woman’s position in developed countries has been clearly upgraded; however, there are still corners of the world, where women’s human rights and their demand for gender equality remain unfulfilled, giving this celebration a topical character.

This day forms another opportunity for Hellenes abroad to express our love and respect to the Woman be it a mother, a sister, a wife, a friend, who has proven and knows how to fight. The woman of the Greek Diaspora, throughout the modern history of the immigration movement, has proved it though nurturing generations with the Greek language.

She managed to keep the Greek family united and raised worthy citizens in foreign lands, which were to become their second homeland. She struggle and still struggles for the respect of diversity, religion, customs and traditions, which are reverently preserved by Greeks worldwide. She has a vigorous presence in local communities, trade unions, organized structures of Hellenism, outside the Greek borders, taking the lead in various areas, making us proud.

With these thoughts, on behalf of the Members of the Board of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad, I send my sincere wishes to all Greek women to live long and prosper.

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